My Friend Chrissy

Chrissy will always hold a special place in my heart. You will definitely be seeing her name on my blog a lot so I just wanted to share with you why she’s the best…. AND what better day to do it then on her birthday! Not only is she the sweetest person ever, she introduced me to the love of my life….Italy.

“So grateful you have come into my life. With you in it, life has been brighter, fears have been overcome and dreams have come true. We have laughed until we cry, stared death in the face, and ate until we can barley move. Thank you for being you, taking me to the most romantic places on earth and supplying me with endless amounts of the best surprises. Also thank you got putting up with my bad Italian and horrible spelling. ” – Something I wrote after our last trip together in September which pretty much sums up my feelings for her.

Happy Birthday my love! Cheers to continuing to top “The Best Years” of our lives.



My Friend Chrissy

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