My new obsession


Why is Young Living my new obsession? It is a natural way to keep the mind and body happy and healthy. I have been more aware then ever as to what I put on and in my body. I can’t say I am totally chemically free or vegan or vegetarian but I do my best to make healthy choices. I was recently introduced to the line Young Living by my amazing boss. Not only do they sell essential oils, but they sell vitamins, beauty products, house hold cleaners , etc.

I started with the starter kit and am obsessed. It is the best and cheapest way to be introduced to the oils. Every month I order anything I run out of that I use on a daily basis as well as 2-3 new products. My bucket list of things I want to try are super long so that system helps with my budget best. Below are the three products I ordered this month and HIGHLY recommend. ( I only post reviews on products that have significantly worked )

Wolfberry Eye Cream: I have been using the eye cream for about two weeks now and I must say I am super impressed. It has faded sun spots, and leaves the eye area feeling refreshed eliminating any bags from not enough sleep. It is light weight and has a refreshing scent. I know it is an eye cream but I also use it on the tops of my hands. I noticed in just two weeks the tops of my hands are softer, and my freckles on my hands have faded significantly. This product is perfect for those wanting to prevent and correct damaged aging skin without any harsh chemicals.

Patchouli Oil: Since the tops of the hands and neck area are the first signs of aging, I am always trying to keep those areas out of the sun and moisturized. Ever hear the saying “You can tell a woman’s age by her hands”? That has always stuck in my mind. I am in the habit of keeping Patchouli oil in my purse to keep those areas moisturized at all times. Not only is it used to promote healthy skin but you can defuse it for emotional release and it aids in nausea support. I love the earthy scent, it reminds me of my Bali days.

White Angelica Oil:  This oil is a blend of essential oils that calm and soothe, promote feelings of strength and protects agains negative energy. As teachers we are healers. People come to yoga for many different reasons but they all have one thing in common…they are looking for a release, looking for some comfort and looking at you for some guidance. I have had students who suffer from severe depression, anxiety, going through divorces, death, mentally/physically handicap due to major accidents, sickness , etc. I am an emotionally sensitive person….Always have been and always will be.  I touch each and every one of my students. Their energy definitely radiates through me. Sometimes energies can be overbearing and sometimes these energies have nothing to do with my personal feelings. By applying this oil topically it helps to keep my aura in check so that I have nothing but positive vibes to exchange with my students to help them through any tough time they may be going through. I care immensely about my students and will always go out of my way to help one in need. Being a teacher is my calling, its one of the best parts of my life. Love love love you all!

If you have any questions or would like any other information regarding the brand or would like to sign up feel free to shoot me an e-mail 🙂



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