The story of dreaming and becoming Auntie CC


Once upon a time future Auntie CC was in California for a month visiting her cool cousins.  The night before she was coming home, future Auntie CC had a vivid dream that she was holding a baby girl in her arms at a family holiday party.  This cute little baby had defined eyebrows that looked just like her sisters, perfect little shaped eyes and miniature pouted lips. Future Auntie CC felt a love that was indescribable towards this child like maybe it was her own? That couldn’t be because future Auntie CC was not close to getting married let alone dating anyone.

When future Auntie CC awoke she immediately called her sister…it had to be her who was going to have a baby, after all she was the one with her life together! (lol) Future Auntie CC told her sister about the dream and asked her sister if she was pregnant. Her sister dismissed it and said she was out of her mind.

The next day, future Auntie CC arrived home from Cali. Fifteen minutes after arriving home her sister was at her door with tears in her eyes saying “YES” she was “very newly pregnant” like a few days pregnant! Future Auntie CC dropped to the ground in shock and excitement, her dream was literally coming true.

In October future Auntie CC had her first trip ever planned to Italy. She was nervous because she didn’t want to be so far away form her sister and the baby but she was on the hunt for the perfect gift to give her niece the day she was born.

In Italy while visiting her friend Chrissy who lived there at the time, future Auntie CC took a day trip to Venice by herself.  She had a beautiful time roaming the streets and exploring. It was there she found the perfect gift, a pair of handmade white booties.

A gondola ride and three gelato’s later, future Auntie CC wound up stumbling upon a beautiful church in the middle of the city.  She sat for hours chatting with God and enjoying the peace this little church brought her. Her talk with God basically went like this: ” Please God keep the baby and my sister healthy for the next 9 months…and if you could make the baby a girl then that would be super great…no pressure..health first but also please make the baby a girl…K thanks.”

The whole time up until the gender reveal party future Auntie CC referred to the baby as “she”. As the party was approaching future Auntie CC realized she better start acting like she was ok with the baby being a “boy” as well just incase.  Even at the party future Auntie CC acted like she though it was a boy. Well I guess you can tell how over the moon she was by the picture below that it was a girl. Again…her dream was proving to be true.


Future Auntie CC had to leave for Bali that night for her teacher training and let me tell you, getting on that plane was the hardest thing she ever did.  She didn’t want to be away from her sister and “Baby She.” During her time in training future Auntie CC was required to meditate. Lets just say meditation was the hardest part of teacher training because all she could think about was all the fun things her and the “Baby She” were going to do together.

 June 2nd 2015. Auntie CC ran down the hospital hall into the room and saw this little perfect peanut resting on her sisters chest…the baby she saw in her dream! Same eyes, same eyebrows full little lips. It was her. Beautiful baby Elle.

In the story of my life, you little Elle are the best part. Forever and for always you’ll have my whole heart.  Happy 2nd Birthday to my whittle princess…no matter how old you get you will alway be my baby.

image1 copy

(I made sure to wear a tube top so Elle and I could also have skin to skin bonding time)


Auntie CC

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