Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): 


The Crown Chakra is the meeting point between the body and the ego. It brings out our spiritual side connecting us to greater cosmic energy. It helps embrace gratitude for ones life, finding serenity, peace and joy.

Located: Top of the head.

Means: Thousand petal.

Organs/Area: Central nervous system, pineal gland, top center of the head, midline above ears.

Influence on the Body: Integration of your complete self, universal consciousness, physical knowledge, and wisdom.

Color: Violet or white.

Symbol: A thousand petal lotus.

If Imbalanced: Chronic exhaustion, brain disorders, coordination problems, mental sickness, learning difficulties, epilepsy, lack in ethics and purpose.

Cures and how to balance: 

  • Wear white or violet clothing or jewelry
  • Meditate/touch/carry quartz crystal
  • Light myrrh incense
  • Repeat the affirmation in your head “I cherish my spirit” during meditation
  • Eat Gotu Kola Herb
  • Diffuse or wear lavender or frankincense oil

What I do: I Light a candle, place my quartz crystal on my alter, and put frankincense oil on my wrists. I then set my timer for 12 minutes. I take a comfortable seat on my pillow, sit up nice and tall pressing the shoulder blades down the spine and close my eyes. I take 5 deep breaths and start chanting the affirmation “ I cherish my spirit” in my head. There are many different affirmations you can chant but this is my favorite one.



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