Chrissy welcomes all levels of students to her classes. Her welcoming personality is perfect for those who may feel intimidated or are new to yoga, while experienced students will be challenged and provided opportunities to strengthen their practice.  Her main message to her students is that yoga is for real people with real bodies. She helps you find your strength and balance, not only physically, but mentally as well. Chrissy seeks to inspire you to expand your practice beyond the mat to everyday life. Chrissy specializes in teaching a Yin flow adding lots of relaxing adjustments to restore the body and work on the connective tissue.  Her Vinyasa classes are rooted in the Ashtanga practice and incorporate Yin attitude towards the end, with a “sweat now, relax later” motto.  In her classes, Chrissy incorporates Chakra healing, meditation, and breathing techniques to help her students develop healthy minds and bodies.  Chrissy likes to have fun with her playlists, which include anything from oldies, rock, alternative, 90’s and pop.

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