My Story

Chrissy believes yoga is a lifestyle and not just about getting into a pose. As a Fashion Publicist in New York City, Chrissy was run down and exhausted by the negative energy around her.  Her sister introduced her to yoga to help quite her mind and give her a physical boost. She was hooked. Not only did her body completely transform, so did her mind.  After a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, with her mentor and fellow yogi Rachel Brathen, Chrissy knew it was time for a change in her life.  She quit her high stress job and left the fashion world to dedicate her life to yoga. Sometimes life does not go as you may have planned. “Yoga taught me to trust the universe, have courage to follow my heart, and just go with the flow.” Chrissy studied in Bali, under Sebastian Pucelle and Jamie Clarke from The Yoga People, where she obtained her 200 hour certification in both Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin yoga.  Chrissy firmly believes that a healthy body starts with achieving a healthy mind.  In her classes, Chrissy incorporates Chakra healing, meditation, and breathing techniques to help her students develop healthy minds and bodies.

When she is not on the mat, she can be found traveling the world, eating her way through Italy (yes, she eats pizza and gelato!), reading, on a beach, or playing with her niece.  Chrissy believes you should “do what makes YOU happy.” Chrissy is also dedicated to giving back to her community by volunteering her time for charity and teaching classes to special need populations.