Vespa ride in Italy

So most people who know me know about my extreme love for Italy. The culture, the people, the way of life, the food, wine, products, landscapes…I love everything about Italy. The most beautiful things I have ever scene so far in life have been in Italy.

Anyhow, in August I returned to one of my favorite places in Italy, Vittorio Veneto, with my friend Chrissy and Pia.  Chrissy Pia and I have known each other since we were in 1st grade and we had “ The time of our lives”  as per usual. Chrissy always has tricks up her sleeve every trip I take with her providing the best surprises. This time the surprise consisted of a vespa ride through Prosecco fields in the Veneto Region. During our tour we saw castles, ancient churches and stunning vineyards. Of corse we stopped in a small town for none other then a glass of Prosecco.  Our drivers were friends of Chrissy’s. ( She previously lived in VV ) Marco, Marco and Gio were amazing tour guides, the sweetest souls and easy on the eyes if you know what I mean. We had the “Best Day Ever” with them full of laughs and beautiful sites.  Not only was this my first time on a vespa and an unforgettable experience, the best part was that I walked away with three new friends.

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My Freedom |My Health


May 28th 2014 1:17PM

How I got here.

To be exact, this is the most important quote I have ever read because after I read this quote on May 28th 2014, I finally made up my mind after two years of heavy thinking. I decided I would be leaving my NYC life for something scary but ” hopefully ” better.  Last August, I packed up my life that took me 6 years to build and moved back home with mom (love you). I only had three plans at the time:  travel, spend all my money and obtain my yoga teacher training certificate…Oh and maybe meet a cute guy abroad during my travels. I left a posh apartment in a city people dream to visit let alone get the chance to live in, a sought after job in the fashion industry, amazing friends and family, the list goes on and on. On the outside life looked glorious. On the inside I was screaming. I could not take the energy around me. This city and career I though I was in love with wound up being a fraud….or maybe I just changed.

I had a health scare a few years ago and it changed my life. I sat back and thought to myself, for being 25 what have I accomplished, what have I done for me, what have I done for others and have I checked off any goals or dreams. Yes some were fulfilled…but not enough.  The world was a different place. Do I stay, do I go. I went. I left. I was scared. I’m happy.

You have ONE life to live. You never know when obsticales will be thrown your way. Make your life count. Don’t let fear or money hold you back. Be kind and be happy and love a lot. While your able to, live your life to the fullest. You never know when your health will be taken from you. ” From the moment you loose your health, it is too late”.

Your health is something that can not be predicted or bought. It’s a gift. It’s fragile. It’s a ticking time bomb.



Unfortunately I do not know where this article came from…I think I stumbled across it on Facebook, but I do wish I could quote it.