Transitioning from student to teacher

Transitioning from student to teacher can be overwhelming. I am always going to be a student. I am one who is eager to learn and am comfortable enough in my own skin to know I am not always right and do not have all the answers. I do love teaching and making a positive impact on others, making them feel good physically and mentally. It is truly the best job in the world.

Teaching the first month for me was intimidating and scary. Then I remembered…I came to yoga to get rid of any anxiety and negative why am I feeling them when I step on my mat? I took a step back from the situation and I realized that you can’t really mess up and if you do “Oh well”, whats the worst thats going to happen? (my life motto) Yoga is peace, and should be fun and lift you up. Each teacher is unique and has their own way of teaching. Embrace that and let them inspire you. You do not need to mold yourself into trying to be like your teachers. Your light shines brightest when you are true to your self. As time goes on you will find yourself in your own groove and you will look back and laugh on why you were intimidated in the first place. I wanted to share with those who are new to teaching  tips that I found useful.  Practice makes perfect in both teaching and in your own practice.

Tuesdays Tip: Oils

I always like to focus on adjustments in my classes. Personally when I take a class, when I am touched it relaxes me. I make sure to focus on the lower back and shoulders in the beginning of class and brow bone at the end of class during savasana.  Oil can be tricky, everyone has a different scent preferences and skin sensitivities. Here are a few things to  keep in mind when trying to pick an oil to use:

  • Light in scent
  • Something that is natural, some people have super sensitive skin
  • Something that absorbs into the skin so you do not leave any oily residue behind

Weleda Oil is my go too. I personally love the Rose scent, I use it on my students especially while working on the heart chakra. Weleda stands by their meaning “ When we say all natural we mean all natural”. – Weleda

  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No synthetic anything
  • No animal testing

The oil comes in a nice size which will last a while. You can purchase them at any Whole Foods or on their website: